Fogger Machine

Fogger unit generates high density fog with droplets of sub-micron range, also provide maximum thrust, deeper penetration. Enables consistent non wetting aerial disinfection with uniform coverage. Highly effective & validated for infection control. It’s wide spread of aerosols ensuring effective & uniform treatment of ULV chemical being fogged, be it aerial fumigation / fogging or surface treatment. Fogger enables user to select optimum droplet size & flow control allowing to generate fine mist (1-10micron) suitable for each type of chemical treatment.


Fogger is ideal for Aerial Fumigation in Operation Theatres, Laboratories Clinics, Disinfection in food and Beverages Plants, Diary, Ice Cream, Canning, Meat & Sea Food Processing, Fisheries, Packed Water, Disinfection in Animal Houses, Pest Control Hospitality Sectors, Patient Wards, Nursing Homes, Maternity Centers , Pharmaceutical labs & Production Units, Poultry Sheds, Hatcheries & Egg Storages, Mushroom growing houses, Restaurants, Marriages and Function Halls, etc.


  • Output   : 0-200ml/Min (adjustable by rotating knob)
  • Capacity   : 5 litres and 8 litres. (SS 304)
  • Reach   : 25-35ft distance & 20-25ft height
  • Motor Speed   : 25000 rpm
  • Power Supply   : 220-240 V AC , 50HZ Single Phase.
  • Power Consumption   : 4.0 AMPS, 1000 WATTS
  • Material Of Construction   : Stainless Steel and Aluminium
  • Height and Diameter   : 500mm and 300mm.
  • Weight   : 6Kgs(with 5 ltr Tank).