Stericare Disinfectant

Stericare - a most powerful disinfectant is used to eliminate all pathogenic bacteria, fungu, spores and viruses including HIV HBVA, it is combination of Glutaraldehyde, Benzalkonium Chloride,1 -Propanol and 2-Propanol etc. It is non-toxic and irritant-free. The consistent quality and superior performance of Stericare has made it a primary choice of doctors and healthcare professionals. Stericare is available in two formulations -Stericare-FG and Stericare-HR. Designed for room fumigation by Aerosol Disinfectors, Stericare-FG is intended for cleaning laboratory floors, working surfaces, instruments, equipment and furniture etc. On the other hand, Stericare-HR is specifically designed for instant hand – disinfection. A mere 3ml of Stericare-HR applied on hands ensures total disinfection within 30 seconds and avoids cross-contamination.


Operation Theatres, Intensive Care Units (ICUs), Labour (delivery) Rooms, Blood Banks, Pathology Labs, Pharmaceutical Labs, Hatcheries & Poultry Units, Hand Disinfection, Food Processing Units, Etc.